We have all been there where we had wanted to move to an exotic place but couldn’t because let’s be real, folks— moving can be a wee bit of a hassle. However, that is not always the case, most especially if you choose the right place to call home.

Singapore, one of the Four Asian Tigers, irrespective of its diminutive size, has a giant of an economy, could offer an excellent lifestyle and be an ideal destination for you to finally  change your Amazon Prime address [Pun intended J].


Without any further ado, let’s dive into it!

1. It Is Diverse


The City of Singapore has taken under its wings a ton of different cultures, ethnicities and religions. Some of the major ethnicities are: 

Chinese, widespread in the city covering almost three-fourths of the city, followed by Malay (13%), Indian (9%), and other (3%).

 [Source: Wikipedia]


Buddhism is the most prevalent religion in Singapore with almost 33% of the pollution practicing the religion, followed by Christianity (19%), Irreligious (18.5%), Islam (14%), Taoism and folk religion (10%), Hinduism (5%) and other at 0.6%.

[Source: Wikipedia]

It goes without saying that the city doesn’t discriminate, you are more than free to practice the faith you want to.

2. It Is Indeed Rich

Singapore is the second richest country in the entire world in terms of GNI per capita, which is $90,570 coming second only to Qatar with $128,060.

[Source: USA TODAY]

High Salary

The median salary in Singapore is around $3270, which is certainly better than most places on Earth. Hopefully, it tips the scale in its favour.

                                            Millionaire Households

You must have seen the movie “Crazy Rich Asians”. Singapore has the highest concentration of household millionaires with around 16% of them have investable assets that are worth one million dollars are more.

3. Open For Business

Singapore has never seen the third spot on the Ease of Doing Index as it has always been at either the second or first spot since 2006. Starting a business in Singapore is not rocket science. We, at Fideserv, will be by your side all the time if you ever choose to start a business in Singapore. Really this country is a paradise for entrepreneurs.

While Singapore does not have resources such as oil or coal, it has something that is impossible for countries to get hands on. Its location.

Singapore is an island that is located in the middle of an important trade route, connecting Asia to Europe. However, its location is not all it has got, that’s exactly why Britain decided to set up a colony there. Unlike some of its neighbours, which wanted to cut ties with their colonial histories, Singapore kept close ties with Britain. This decision sent a massive message to the rest of the world that Singapore was open for business.

4. Amazing Places To Visit

The Largest Man-Made Fountain in the World, FOUNTAIN OF WEALTH


At Suntec City, we have the largest fountain in the world. It is made of Cast Bronze, costing about six million dollars to be built in 1997. No wonder it has got “wealth” in it.

World’s First Ever Night-Time Zoo

Singapore opened the first night zoo in 1994, so people could see their favourite nocturnal animals in their natural states when they are most active in the dark.

Marina Bay Sands

Singapore is a global city, with world-class attractions, accommodations, food, and shopping. And the stupendous Marina Bay Sands is an epitome of it all.

This gigantic building is visible from most places across the city and on the inside, it is home to the largest hotel in Singapore, a prominent casino, and an amazing food and shopping precinct. It plays host to more than 170 opulent international stores, be it Chanel, Gucci or Prada. Don’t feel like walking? Well, you can always hop on a gondola. Yes, you heard me right. A gondola inside the building. Now if that’s not heaven, then I don’t know what is… 🙂

Singapore Botanic Gardens

One of the three gardens, the Singapore Botanic Gardens is the only tropical garden that has been honoured as a UNESCO world heritage site. It is around 160 years old. In the early part of the twentieth century, it had an important hand in booming the rubber trade around the region.

5. One of the Safest Nations  

Safety is something which you shouldn’t comprise on when you’re to looking to settle in a different location and Singapore offers you exactly that. According to the safest and most dangerous countries rankings, Singapore is the sixth safest country in the whole world and the safest in Asia. “Violent Crimes against tourists” is more of a never-heard-before statement. However, you might witness some petty crimes like pickpocketing. Don’t be oblivious around airports. Nationalmaster.com has gathered some data that would say that the crime levels in the United States of America are four times higher than that in Singapore, and drug abuse is 3425 times than that in Singapore. If you don’t want you kids to go Breaking Bad, then I suppose it is shaping up pretty well for you, isn’t it?

6. Cuisine

When it comes to food, Singapore, again, is quite diverse. In Singapore, they have these Hawker Centres or cooked food centres that usually sell Malay and Tamil food. People of Singapore enjoy a wide variety of seafood as well, such as crabs, clams, squid, and oysters. Stingray is one of the most famous Singaporean dishes, most especially enjoyed when barbecued and served on a banana leaf with sambal.

It is clean

Singapore is clean, as in the world’s cleanest country. Streets, beaches, parks, roads—you name it they are all clean. The Government takes sanitation quite seriously, so seriously that selling and chewing gum is a crime in Singapore. It wasn’t always in this manner though. It was one of the filthiest countries in the world back in the 1960’s. The then president of Singapore, President Lee took the initiative to move Singapore towards cleanliness, through some stern laws and fines at that juncture. One of the reasons why it is called “Fine City”.

Some punishable offenses in Singapore are: Spitting, vandalism, littering, urinating in elevators, jaywalking, feeding the pigeons, possession of firecrackers, eating or drinking on the subway, not flushing the toilet, etc.

Everything is just around the corner

The country is so small that you can get across it in a matter of minutes. In order to stop overcrowding the city with cards, the government made it exceedingly expensive to drive.

However, public transportation around the country is nothing short of brilliant. It is cost-efficient and easily accessible, which is just what the doctor ordered. Public transportation in Singapore cost starts from 60 cents and 3 dollars for taxis. But if you desperately needed a car? Well, you can always hire companies who provide those services.

9. Summer all the time. 

Like most Southeast Asian nations, Singapore experiences a tropical rainforest climate, with no exclusive seasons. It also experiences uniform temperature and pressure with high humidity and quite a myriad of rainfall.

The temperature usually lies in the vicinity of 25 to 35 °C (77 to 95 °F). Monsoon in Singapore is usually quite wet, lasting three months usually from November to January.

For those of you who love the Sun and heat, Singapore is quite an exemplary destination for you, and it has got the beaches as well.


Seemingly Singapore is a stupendous option for someone who is seeking a great environment sustaining an opulent quality of life without a bitter climate.