Nominee Director Service

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Meet your resident director requirements, let us recommend a trusted Nominee Director for your company.

Every company must have one Director who is a Singapore local resident.

Directors are responsible for the statutory books and filings, accounting records and annual accounts, shareholders and directors meetings and importantly, all directors have a fiduciary duty towards the company.

If you are a foreigner looking to setup a business in Singapore, look no further. Our nominee director can ensure that you are able to setup your business in Singapore and comply with all relevant laws.


Terms for Nominee Director Service

  • A Nominee Director has the same legal obligations and responsibilities as any other director.
  • The Nominee Director shall not be involved in any day-to-day operational matters of the company, nor will he act as an authorised signatory for your bank account.
  • You should appoint at least one more director (who can be a foreign individual(s) including yourself) for running the company.
  • You may be required to pay a refundable security deposit for the provision of our nominee director service. In case of any non-compliance or unresponsive promoters, we may start winding up procedures and the security deposit shall be adjusted against costs of winding up.
  • You must ensure that the Company remains solvent in compliance at all times. (You may take advantage of our various other services designed to help you remain on top of compliance.)