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What is a registered office?

Every company must have a registered office in Singapore to receive official communication and notices from various government entities. It must be a physical address and has to be notified at the time of incorporation of the company.

The registered office must be open and accessible to public for at least Five (5) hours on every business day, or at least Three (3) hours a day if the opening hours are reported to ACRA.

The various registers and resolutions required by law should be available for inspection at the registered office.

How can we help?

 We can provide registered office services for your Company for compliance as well as virtual office for receiving calls and handling mails


No need to maintain an expensive real office

In case you are just starting out maintaining a real office in Singapore can be very expensive.

Apart from the initial costs, the regular maintenance can quickly become a significant pain.



Start in an hour, not days

Choosing an office can take days or weeks.

You must spend time and energy on arranging visits, negotiations and documentation.

Avoid all the hassle, choose the quick and easy option to incorporate



All the facilities when you need them

We can provide you facilities such as meeting room / hot desks / internet access etc. in case you need to come in and work for a while