Registering a business becomes simpler with the help of experts. Especially, if a company wants to establish its branch in a different country, the service providing company can be of great help. If the company requires registration in Singapore, then there are a set of rules which have to be followed. In order to register business in Singapore, the FIDESERV is one of the best choices.

Following steps can be very helpful in setting up the company in Singapore:

  1. First of all, be sure of the business which is likely to be registered in the country. Whether the type of the company is sole proprietorship, partnership, or a business with shareholder and director.
  2. Decide a name of the business and be sure that it is not registered. The name should be a unique one. Also do not choose an offensive name which will delay the procedure.
  3. Online filing of the business is also a possibility. ACRA website has important information about the same. If the business requires clearance from other business or government organisations, then the procedure should be followed and it should be done effectively. Registration can be done via Misfile. This is ACRA’s website.
  4. For the companies which have shareholders, at least one shareholder is required. The shareholder can either be a resident of the country or a foreigner.

Following the are documents required to become a shareholder:

  1. Copy of passport of an individual
  2. Copy of address proof.
  3. In case the shareholder is a company, then certificate of incorporation is required.
  4. Memorandum and articles of association
  5. List of the owners of the entity who are beneficiaries
  6. Authorise one official for the reporting of the documents.

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