Top Startup Accelerators and Incubators in Singapore

Being a haven for entrepreneurs, there is no dearth of expertise, funding opportunities and global market exposure in Singapore. If you are planning to start your business in the country and are looking for accelerator and incubator programs to take your venture to the new level then you are at the right place.

Before we start off, it is important to understand what exactly are accelerator or incubator programs.

Though both accelerator and incubator programs offer initial funding (under equity exchange) and expertise, there is a slight difference between the two.

Incubator is basically like a nursery where you startup baby is nurtured with seed funding, expertise and provided with a space to start up your business.

On the other hand, accelerators are like schools, which take up startups that have already come up with a viable product but are still struggling to market, brand and operationalize the same.

Now, let’s look at the top accelerators and incubators in Singapore.

1) Singapore Fintech Bay

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Singapore Fintech bay is a leading incubator in Singapore for fintech startups. It offers dedicated co-working space, innovation labs, accelerator programs and educational sessions. Currently the company runs two programs i.e. Venture Acceleration Program and Fintech Talent Program. The first program helps ventures deal with commercialization of the product while the second one offers training opportunities.

2) Startup Bootcamp Singapore Fintech

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This Fintech boot camp is a sanctuary for financial innovators. The company offers funding, mentorship, coaching, office space, access to global partners for 12 selected startups worldwide. They run an intense 3 month program which provides a complete overhaul to the startup by getting them mentored by over 400 mentors and investors to build a world class fintech product.

3) Paypal Incubator

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Offering initial infrastructure, intense curriculum and access to fintech experts, this incubator program is complete hands down on getting to start at Singapore. This setup is located within PayPal’s Singapore Technology Center.

4) Unframed

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Unframed is a leading community that offers entrepreneurs with relevant skills through their training academy and specifically designed programs. They currently offer two programs, a 3 month boot camp where entrepreneurs are trained on specific skills and a 4 month accelerator program to help startups reach sustainability.

5) SPH Plug and Play

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Being a leader in the Asian Media, SPH Plug and Play offers an initial funding, mentorship, media leverage, tools and services and access to global partners to give ensure that the startups get the necessary support.

6) The Finlab

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Finlab is an accelerator program dealing with Fintech innovation. The program offers SME’S to innovate and digitalise for growth prospects. The SBTP (Smart Business Transformation) program equips owners of SME’s to expand and market themselves through mentorship and especially designed technology solutions.

7) Startpath Global

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This is a worldwide program by MasterCard that helps later stage startups to scale and get through new markets. They offer a 6 month virtual program and 2 immersion weeks at different cities. The best part with this program is that the company doesn’t ask for of equity exchange.

8) Inspir Asia


This accelerator program offers mature startups a dedicated co-working space and mentorship to scale business.

9) Entrepreneur First


This accelerator program is aimed at supporting computer technology driven startups from scratch.

10) Tec cube 8

Website –

Techcube is a private technology incubator program approved by National Research Program, Singapore to promote entrepreneurship and technology R&D in the country. The program is directed towards high impact, early stage startups.

11) NUS enterprise


This enterprise division of National University of Singapore offers accelerator and educational platform to the alumni, students and teachers of the university.

12) Found 8

Website –

Formerly known as Hub Singapore, this accelerator program in Singapore is designed to offer coaching, expertise and partners to ambitious startup owners and corporate.

13) Spaze Ventures

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This is a popular incubator program in Singapore that assists early age startups. From mentoring, hands on training to seed funding, the firm helps prelaunch startups to establish themselves well.

14) Startup Autobahn Singapore

Website –

Powered by Mercedes Benz, this accelerator program in Singapore focuses on supporting local mobility startups and making them sustainable.