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The work permit Singapore is referred to as an official document serving as the employment visa that allows unskilled labor force from foreign countries (including Asian countries that are approved) to ensure employment in Singapore. The country is known for its booming industries, including construction, manufacturing, processing, marine, and so more. Due to the low qualification criteria for foreign individuals for the employment visa in Singapore, it results in higher demands and stricter regulations for getting the work permit in Singapore. Only individuals from approved sources tend to be eligible for acquiring the work permit given the fact that they are able to meet certain eligibility criteria. 

Fideserv is a licensed, MOM-empowered work permit service provider in Singapore. We are committed to providing work permit Singapore application services towards rendering additional assistance to the employers who intend to apply for a specialized work permit for the respective foreign staff –especially the organizations that have been newly established in Singapore. 

Our Comprehensive Range of Work Permit Singapore Services

We are a reliable work permit service provider in Singapore, providing an in-depth range of work permit application services to those who seek employment under a company in the nation. Here is a glimpse of our work permit-related services in Singapore:

  • Pre-application advising and information on Singapore Work Permit
  • Tracking the status of Work Permit application during the processing stage
  • Filing the application for obtaining a work permit in Singapore
  • Liaising with the direct officers of MOM in case the need arises
  • Responding to the requests of MOM for providing additional information
  • Arranging the issuance of Work Permit upon IPA (In-principle Approval)
  • Filing an unlimited appeal in case of the rejection of the application for Work Permit

Eligibility Criteria for Work Permit Singapore

While we can help you out with the work permit issuance as well as application in Singapore, you should still be aware of the eligibility criteria at the same time. A work permit or visa in Singapore demands out of the expats the following:

  • Foreigners must belong to the government-approved countries, including India, China, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, and others.
  • Expats who are seeking the Work Permit (WP) should be at least 18 years of age. The upper age limit for receiving the WP is 58 years for the citizens of Malaysia and 50 years for other nationals.
  • The passport of the expat must be valid.
  • Those who hold WP are allowed to work only as per the agreed specifications of the respective working visa. If the expat would get involved in other business or profession, it is considered illegal and might lead to the cancelation of the visa.

For the hiring firms, the WP requires:

  • The employer should be obliged to pay its employees the daily wages
  • Hiring firms should cover the needs of the employees with respect to healthcare through purchasing some reliable healthcare insurance plan
  • The employer is considered responsible for catering to the housing, recreational, and social needs of the expats

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