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  • Dependant Pass
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Fulfill Your Dream of Living in Singapore with Expert Immigration Services

Do you dream of living in Singapore? Given the rapid development of Singapore and its vast opportunities, many out there wish to look forward to living a successful life in Singapore. For this, you need expert Singapore immigration services for ensuring the ease of traveling and living in Singapore. At Fiderserv, we can help entrepreneurs, as well as individuals, navigate the immigration regulations of Singapore in case of immigration services for themselves, staff, or family members.

At Fideserv, our comprehensive range of immigration Singapore services varies from obtaining work permit applications for both laborers & domestic workers, to ensuring employment passes for the qualified professionals having enhanced credentials in both education as well as industry knowledge. The non-resident individuals who wish to work & live in Singapore can apply for our high-end Singapore immigration services. For the foreigners who wish to live & work in Singapore, they would need the possession of a valid work visa before starting legal employment in the country. We can help you out with the same.

Immigration Services in Singapore

Immigration can turn out to be a challenging, confusing task –especially when you are new at it. Fideserv can help you with Singapore immigration services to help you have a seamless experience throughout. We aim at serving individuals and enterprises individually. As such, we are committed to taking on the complicated tasks –right from the processing of the entry processes to providing assistance with the overall documentation for both residence as well as work permits in Singapore.

We are fully licensed Singapore immigration service provider by the MOM (Ministry of Manpower). We aim at providing a full spectrum of immigration as well as relocation services to meet the specific requirements of our clients. You can look out to us for:

  • EntrePass Processing (Entrepreneur Pass Filing)
  • E Pass Processing (Employment Pass Filing)
  • Providing consultation on work visa applications as well as renewals in Singapore
  • Providing assisting in obtaining single as well as multiple business visas
  • DP (Dependant Pass) filing including ensuring the application of LOC (Letter of Consent)
  • Work visa applications for corporates or individuals for relocating to Singapore
  • Family Pass Filing
  • PEP (personalized employment pass) application
  • PR (permanent residence) filing
  • PR application for capital investors

Enjoy a Smooth Relocation to Singapore with Our Immigration Services

Fideserv is a leading employment & business agency in Singapore, helping its clients with end-to-end Singapore immigration services. Our wide range of services varies from reviewing the candidacy to serving the role of a liaison with MOM, ensuring the application of work pass, processing the tracking, renewals, and approval of the applications.

When you hire immigration Singapore services from us, we can offer you the delivery of:

  • Employment Pass Application: It is issued to the professionals, executives, specialists, or managerial personnel who look forward to working in Singapore.
  • Entrepreneur Pass Application: Also referred to as the EntrePass, it has been designed for entrepreneurs or tech-entrepreneurs who can play a major role in influencing the vibrancy and innovation in Singapore.
  • PEP Application: It is a specialized employment pass that is usually issued to the specific top-tier professionals on the basis of the respective merits. Usually, PEP is issued for a period of 3 years.
  • S Pass Application: It is designed for individuals having mid-skill professionalism –usually for foreign workers or laborers who are working for certain companies based in Singapore.

Engage with one of our professional immigration experts who can help you with all the tasks related to Singapore immigration. Our licensed immigration experts will attend to your services at every step!

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